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What are the differences between a European Facial and a Korean Facial.

January 17, 20241 min read



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What are the benefits of a European Facial VS a Korean Facial?

Korean Skin Care treatments and products are trending these days! What separates them from a European Facial?

European Facials

European facials usually follow a more straightforward and classic approach to skincare. The emphasis is typically on cleansing, extractions of the pores and hydration with an element of relaxation such as facial and extremity massage. European facials prioritize a holistic approach to skincare, with an emphasis on maintaining skin health and preventing aging.

Products used in European facials are selected based on the client's skin type and skincare concerns. Common products include cleansers, customized exfoliants, customized masks and moisturizers.

Korean Facials

Korean skincare trends focus on achieving a "glass skin" effect, characterized by clear, luminous, and dewy skin. The approach involves layering multiple products to address specific concerns and achieve a luminous complexion. Korean skincare emphasizes innovation, advanced, yet gentle technology, and achieving flawless and youthful-looking skin.

Korean skincare is known for its multi-step routine and the use of a variety of products, including essence, serums, ampoules, and sheet masks.

In this esthetician's opinion, you cannot go wrong with either facial selection! On one hand the Korean skincare industry is leading the way with innovative treatments but the European facial methods will always be tried and true!


Licensed Esthetician

Julia Betzen

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